Winding Brook Turf Sod FAQs

How big is a roll of sod?

Modern sod harvesters cut 10 square foot rolls. their dimensions are 2 feet by 5 feet.

How much sod comes on a pallet?

The typical pallet holds 500 square feet of sod, though they can come with 600 square feet as well. For amounts that are not divisible by 500 we use a combination of pallet sizes.

How much water does sod need?

New sod is completely reliant on irrigation. Freshly laid sod needs 1 inch of water per day for the first two weeks. For more watering tips refer to out installation guide.

How long do I have to lay my sod?

We recommend that all sod ordered is installed same day.

When can i walk on my new sod?

High traffic should be avoided on all sod, especially  new sod. Light foot traffic is fine after installation. But regular use should be delayed 3 weeks if possible to ensure good rooting.